Warm and Caring California Gestational Carrier Sought for a Dad to be

Warm and Caring California Gestational Carrier Sought for a Dad to be

We are searching for a warm and caring gestational carrier for our Dad-to-be!

Donor Concierge is conducting a directed personal search for a Gestational Carrier for one of our clients.  To tell you a little about our company, we are not an agency but rather a search service for Intended Parents trying to locate egg donors and gestational carriers for their third party fertility cycle. Intended Parents come to us for matching services only and then are referred to either a traditional agency to manage the cycle or their own third party fertility consultant.

We currently have a Single Intended Father who is working with an L.A. based fertility clinic for his upcoming cycle. His journey has been a difficult one in terms of finding a sensitive, caring, and mature carrier for his fertility journey. He was matched early on with an agency-based carrier but unfortunately she did not pass the medical screening done by his clinic. This was a disappointment for him as he had built a nice relationship with this carrier and was excited to be on his journey.

Our Dad-to-be has just recently turned 50. He has experience in raising children through his past relationship, but he has never had a child to call his own. He is sweet, genuine, and economically secure with the right resources and supports to raise a child as a single parent. He has a large extended family that fully supports him and his journey to fatherhood. His family has a very vibrant legacy and as their only son, it worries him that he will never have a child to pass on this extraordinary family history.

He is choosing to do a gestational surrogacy pregnancy in California and hopes to find a gestational carrier within the state. He will undoubtedly be an appreciative and engaged intended parent. He has expressed his wish to be an active participant in the pregnancy including attending prenatal appointments whenever possible, frequent emails, and phone updates on how things are going, and will absolutely be in attendance at the birth. He is very excited about this journey and just asks that his gestational surrogate be a nurturer at heart.

If you feel like you have a very warm, caring personality as well as openness to working with a single intended parent, please contact us at Donor Concierge. We would love to hear from you and to talk more about our Dad’s journey and your interest in gestational surrogacy. You can reach us directly by emailing me (his gestational carrier case manager) at annec@donorconcierge.com.