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The Ultimate List of Surrogacy Blogs

Blogs are one way we learn about topics, people, relationships, and pretty much anything you could think of these days. When it comes to surrogacy, no two journeys are exactly the same, and surrogacy blogs help open our eyes to each individual journey, and purpose.

We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to share their stories and connect through their own personal platforms, as well as ours, and therefore have put together the ultimate list of surrogacy blogs!

Take a look below to connect with others traveling the same path you are! Leave a comment to add yours to the list.

Ultimate List of Surrogacy Blogs

Intended Parents &
Parents via Surrogacy Blogs:

Candace and Chris @ Our Misconception: Chris and Candace write from a his and hers perspective on infertility, surrogacy, and parenthood.

Chrissy and Lee: Chrissy and Lee share their story of battling MRKH, and their road to parenthood via surrogacy.

Infertility & Our Journey to a Forever Family: Stephanie shares her experiences with both adoption and surrogacy, to grow her family.

The Campbells: Katie blogs her and her husband Monroe’s journey through infertility and surrogacy.

Surrogate Blogs:

A Baby to Share: Mandy has been blogging about surrogacy since 2012, and is currently in the beginning stages of her second surrogacy journey.

Not My Bun in the Oven: Elizabeth shares her journey as a surrogate in the south. She is currently starting her second surrogacy journey.

Surro Real Life: Bethany just completed her first surrogacy journey for international Intended Parents.

Melissa’s Surrogacy Journey: Melissa carried a baby boy for a couple in the UK, and is planning a second surrogacy journey.

From TTC to Mommy, thanks to IVF: Kim experienced her own bout of infertility, had her children via IVF, and has now gone on to become a surrogate.

Following the Yellow Brick Road: “J” shares her experiences as a Traditional Surrogate on her blog.

Their Bun, My Oven: Ms. Walker blogs as a second time surrogate, just now matched for her second journey.

Foster Womb: Sarah blogged her way through her first surrogacy journey, carrying for an international couple, and now continues to blog through her second surrogacy journey.

Deana’s Surrogacy Journey: Deana shares her surrogacy journey, and birth story on her blog.

I’m Just the Oven: Chrissy shares the ups and downs of surrogacy and real life on her blog.

Journey of Surrogacy: Naomi is a surrogate on her second surrogacy journey.

My Body. Their Baby.: Andrea is a 2x gestational surrogate, having carried for two sets of Daddies. She is now beginning a brand new surrogacy journey.