The Family Book

Two Dads Are Better Than None

I want to address a few things in this post…

First of all, single know you are a whole different breed of “bad-@%%” ok? Don’t read into the title too much.

Second of all I understand that I will lose some readers because of who I am deciding to carry a baby for on this next journey. I get that.. and it’s ok. It’s ok because I’m not doing surrogacy for anyone else other than my IPs, and myself.

If all continues to go well, I will be carrying a baby for two of the kindest Gay men. **BOOM** Questions right? Did they flood your mind? I bet I know what they are…

-Is the egg yours??

-Will you be the mother figure??

– How will you explain this to your kids??

-Why would you carry for a gay couple when there are still straight couples who are infertile??

Did I cover them? Ok, no the Egg is not mine. As far as I know (remember I have not signed contracts with this couple yet) the egg is from a donor and not from a family member of the IPs.

Will I be the mother figure? No.. I am making a family. Meaning 2 dads and a baby(s?) That’s the family. There is no expectation of being a mother figure, because not every family needs a mother. If our relationship evolves into a close friendship and we stay in each other’s lives I would be perfectly happy with that, but we take each day as it comes. This family will be lucky enough to have two dads, just like some families are lucky enough to have two moms, and some are lucky enough to have a mom and dad, and some are lucky to have one mom and no dad, and some are lucky to have one dad and no mom!

That’s the beautiful thing about families, is there IS NO RULE for what makes a family. Think about that. Some families are made up of friends. Some are made up of grandparents and grandkids. There is a book I plan on reading with my kids called “The Family Book” by Todd Parr. I highly recommend it. It explains all the different ways that a family can be, and that it’s ok to be different. Its what makes us beautiful and what makes our families beautiful.

The Family Book

When I started out looking into surrogacy I wanted to do it for three reasons:

The first was because I had seen a family member struggle with infertility and desperately wanted to help other couples to become parents who were unable to for medical reasons.

The second reason is because I have seen how hard it is for Gay couples to adopt, and the hoops they have to go through to get their children, and in some states its not even allowed. I don’t care if you’re straight, gay, bi-sexual, transgender..whatever…if you desire to care for and love your child, you deserve to be a parent.

The WORLD NEEDS LOVING PARENTS!! I am tired of seeing news articles about crazy people who have hurt their babies. It makes me so angry, and then I think of all those straight and gay couples who would give almost anything to have a baby and they can’t! So I’m here. I’m here, and I’m excited to carry this baby for these men, and to usher in this new chapter of their lives and to see them become daddies!

There is nothing that brings me greater joy in my life than to see my acts bring joy to others. That is why I am here, and if this journey offends you because I am choosing to bring a life to this couple, then you are more than welcome to step away from this journey. I am bringing only positive energy and love to this family, and this blog will be emblazoned with it. If you do not support me, I still love you, and we can simply enjoy speaking of other things. If you do support me, welcome to this new and exciting, and very different journey to a family. Enjoy the ride, I know I will.

By Corinne Oestreich

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