Surrogate Stories: Jamie

Surrogate Stories: Jamie

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Reaching 20 weeks in her pregnancy was a milestone that Jamie shared with her international Couple. That’s right, they flew here to share in this momentous step in their journey to parenthood. They got to see their son through a 4D ultrasound and were overwhelmed with their joy. Literally, Dad-to-be was speechless, but the expression in his eyes spoke volumes.

We asked Jamie if we could interview her so we could share her experience along with ours and she immediately agreed. To give you a little background, Jamie is a first-time Surrogate Mom and was referred to us by a long time friend. After seeing the impact her friend’s gift made, she knew she wanted to help someone too.

Q. What advice would you give to someone considering surrogacy?
A. Trust the process, and be patient. Know that you are about to give a wonderful gift to a deserving couple and know that it something great!

Q. What has been best part so far?
A. Getting pregnant!! Hearing the heartbeat for the first time and hearing the couple’s reaction at doctor appointments. Even if it’s over the phone, the excitement in their voice makes everything worth it! To know I am helping bring that joy and excitement!

Q. Tell me how you felt when first met the other Surrogate Moms in our program.
A. Shy, it was a little scary at first. I knew a couple of girls already which made it easier, and the rep from my home visit was a familiar face. I have built friendships now and bonded further since we are all going through the same thing. It’s nice knowing I am not alone.

Q. What do you think of our matching process?
A. Different. I feel I was matched with my couple accordingly to my personality. It was worth the wait and I am glad I trusted Carol. She knows what she is doing!

Q. The application process, tell me what you remember about it?
A. The home visit was really good and beneficial. The profile was a ton of questions but I like that it assists in matching and see the reason for the detailed personality questions. I feel it helped the agency understand me as a person.

Q. Why surrogacy?
A. I’ve always wanted to but waited for the timing to be right. I want to give back to a couple that can’t have a family. I want them to know the love and joy that comes with parenting. Everyone should experience this! I feel it is such an honor to help them accomplish this!

Q. Why our agency, Building Families, Inc?
A. A few of my friends have been with BFI and had great experiences! After being in the program, I can see why. It is a great group of ladies that make it easy and I always feel supported.

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