Here at All Things Surrogacy we want to bring you everything you need when looking into surrogacy, whether it’s as an Intended Parent, Surrogate, or Egg Donor. This includes information on surrogacy agencies and fertility clinics.

When looking into surrogacy agencies and/or fertility clinics, it’s not always easy to get a feel as to what that particular business is like just from the information provided on their website. We remedy that by showing you an in-depth, and beneath the surface look of the agencies and clinics with our Agency & Clinic Spotlight. In these Spotlight features you are learning about the agency or clinic in question from our perspective: the neutral 3rd party. In every spotlight post we take the time to interview agency workers, owners, clinic workers, doctors, and nurses… all for you!

We hope you enjoy these Agency & Clinic Spotlights! If you do not see an agency or clinic spotlight post below, but would like more information about that agency and/or clinic, please let us know so we can reach out to them in hopes to get them in the Spotlight next!