Support Surrogacy Printable

Recently there has been quite a lot of media attention surrounding the negative aspects of surrogacy. These journeys in the spotlight are not ones that show the true side of surrogacy. The beauty of surrogacy.

I don’t pretend surrogacy is without its issues, as everything has its issues and hiccups. But in the grand scheme of things, surrogacy is so very beautiful. It changes lives. Simply put, surrogacy is people helping people. Isn’t that what we want in this world?

The negative media focus is why I would like to bring some attention and awareness to the positive side of surrogacy. The side we in the community see on a daily basis.

I invite you all to share photos from your surrogacy journey, highlighting what a beautiful thing surrogacy truly is. Share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whichever platforms you prefer. Use hashtags like #SupportSurrogacy and #SurrogacyisLOVE and let’s represent what this community is all about!

Click on the photo below to download your Support Surrogacy Printable, and share your photos!

Support Surrogacy Printable

Feel free to tag All Things Surrogacy in your pictures.