Intended Parent Spotlights

These Spotlights are our way of helping Intended Parents and Surrogates meet and match. We have an ever-growing community of surrogates and parents looking to connect, and these spotlights have been a popular way to do just that!

Are ready to start your surrogacy journey?

Are you an Intended Parent and would like assistance in finding your surrogate? Look no further!

We have a wonderful pages dedicated to Intended Parent Spotlights for that sole purpose. These Spotlights give you – the Intended Parent – the ability to write and share your story, as you see fit. We then take your story and photos, post them to the website, and share on all of our social media channels. With the wonderful community we’ve built we have an amazing organic reach that has resulted in a handful of perfect matches!


What is an Intended Parent Spotlight?

  • Your Story

    You write and send us your story, in your authentic voice.

  • Your Photos

    You send in photos that you would like to include in the post.

  • Our Reach

    We publish the story on our site + share on all of our popular social media channels.

What Happens After That?

  • Surrogates Contact Us

    Surrogates who are interested in carrying for you use the contact form to send an introduction message.

  • You Contact Surrogates

    We send each email directly to you as they come in, so you can reply and further connect.

  • You Match

    You sort through the responses, contact the surrogates to speak further, and find your perfect match!


When I found All Things Surrogacy, I was completely new to surrogacy as a future Intended Mother. Within days on the site, I had a wealth of knowledge, information, and resources from real women who have walked this road before me. In a week, I had found a community of Intended Parents and Surrogates alike offering support, wisdom, and their unparalleled want to help me in my journey. In one month, I had been matched with my incredible surrogate! ATS brought us together through their Intended Parent Spotlight, and I am and will forever be grateful. We still have a ways to go, but I would not be where I am at in my journey, and certainly not feeling this empowered without having found ATS. Once my baby is in my arms, I will have a lot of people to thank including the woman behind ATS! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I not only recommend this website to anyone considering becoming a surrogate or a future Intended Parent, but to all who are curious and who would love to learn more about surrogacy while reading the real, raw, powerful and loving stories ATS has to offer. Intended Mother
I had reached out to surrogate friends who recommended I head to ATS to post an ad looking for a couple, instead I found myself searching the IP classifieds. I found the posting from my current IFs and reached out. From reply 1 I knew they were “it” and glad they did two. We were legally matched with a contract 6 weeks later! We are now happily pregnant with baby #1 with plans for at least one more pregnancy! Thanks ATS!Surrogate
After just one week we’ve posted a message in ATS we’ve found the best tummy mummy we could hope for. We’ve been told that normally it takes ages for IP to find the right surrogate but in our case it was love at the first sight!Intended Father