Intended Parents Spotlight: Neha & Raj

Intended Parents Spotlight: Neha & Raj!

Hello! We are Neha and Raj.

We have been together 14 years and married for 9 years. We met in school and were friends immediately. We started dating 2 months after meeting and our love and friendship has grown over time. We both have close knit families and have been raised family oriented. We have always known that we wanted a family of our own.

Intended Parents Spotlight: Neha & Raj

Our Journey

We started trying immediately after getting married in 2008. We first saw a fertility doctor in 2010 and had several fertility treatments without and with IUI. We were told to move to IVF in 2013 after being diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

The doctor at IVF clinic told us, we were poster couple with great test results, good health and age on our side. After the first fresh transfer, we were preggers. Everyone cheered for us when doctor saw the heartbeat at 7th week. We were told 95% of pregnancies in similar group had live birth. We were over the moon and couldn’t believe we were so lucky. Our next appointment at 9th week, doctor after several attempts couldn’t find the heartbeat. We were devastated to know we fell in the 5%.

After going through multiple IVF cycles and several tests, we found out Neha has Macro Endometriosis. It is hard to detect it but with this condition it’s possible to loose baby at 8-9 weeks. It has been a 5 years’ bumpy roller coaster ride more so emotionally than physically undergoing multiple IVF cycles, 4 pregnancies including a natural pregnancy all ending in miscarriages.

Intended Parents Spotlight: Neha & Raj

Now on a happy note, we both love to spend time with our family and friends. Raj is a natural with kids having taken care of his nieces and nephews when they were little and Neha loves kids. We also enjoy traveling, going to movies, hiking and biking. We reside in the east bay area and work in San Francisco and Oakland respectively.

We have tried to remain positive in life and be happy and thankful for what we have. That’s why we decided to keep on going and move to the next step. We currently have genetically tested embryos at a clinic here in SF east bay area. One of them is waiting to be born and come to our world.

Intended Parents Spotlight: Neha & Raj

What We Are Looking for in a Surrogate

We are now looking for a surrogate mom who is willing to go on this path with us. We want to be at every appointment and be as involved as possible. We are excited to meet our surrogate mom and build a lasting relationship. If you are considering us as potential IPs, we are very grateful for your consideration. Our dream of having a family is not possible without you and we will be forever in your debt.

We would like to find a wonderful, friendly woman to carry as our surrogate, one who is understanding and lives a healthy lifestyle. We would like to have a close relationship with our surrogate, and transfer one embryo at each attempt. At this time we would like to have an independent journey but we are also open to going through the right agency.

Thank you,
Neha and Raj

If you are interested in contacting Neha and Raj, as a potential surrogate, please fill out the contact form below. All emails go directly to Neha and Raj.

**For tips on what to include in your message, check out this post: Tips on Writing a Fabulous Surrogate Intro Letter**

Intended Parent Spotlight Neha & Raj

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