Intended Parent Spotlight Meet the Taylors

Intended Parent Spotlight: Meet the Taylors!

Hello! We are the Taylors:
Andy, Sherman and Trey

Intended Parent Spotlight: Meet the Taylors

We have been together for just over 7 years, married for 4 years, and have one son.

Intended Parent Spotlight: Meet the Taylors

We wanted to give a little background on each of us so you can better know us.

Intended Parent Spotlight: Meet the Taylors

Andy Taylor:
I was born in Vancouver, raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; I am currently 31 years old.
I graduated from Law School in 2009 and practiced for several years.
My father and brother are both engineers and my mother was a school teacher and then a home maker. My parents are approaching their 44th wedding anniversary on St. Patrick’s Day, 2016.
I am 5’10, have strawberry blonde hair, and green eyes. I come from a mixture of Irish, German, and Norwegian heritage.

Intended Parent Spotlight: Meet the Taylors


Sherman Taylor:
I was born and raised in Ohio; I am currently 39 years old.
I graduated with a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering and I have worked for the same company for 16.5 years.
My father is a biochemist and my brother is an Electrical Engineer. My mother was a home maker and a school teacher. My parents are also approaching their 44th wedding anniversary on Independence day, 2016.
I am 6’3 have black hair and dark brown eyes. I come from a mixture of African American, Native American, Irish and English heritage.

Our Life Together

We met on December 18th, 2008. We met online and had our first face-to-face date in Pittsburgh on December 20th, 2008. We maintained a successful long distance relationship between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. We got engaged on New Year’s Eve of 2010. We both enjoy going to the gym. We both enjoy comic books and have attended comic book conventions together to meet and greet the artists and writers.

Intended Parent Spotlight: Meet the Taylors

We also enjoy reading books, primarily fantasy and sci-fi novels. We like to go eating out, cooking and spending time with our friends. We frequently watch movies enjoying, many genres of films. We also enjoy the performing arts – especially Musical Theatre and Dance.

Engagement, Marriage and Kids

We both knew that we wanted children and when we got engaged, we began looking into how we might create our family through IVF, Surrogacy and Egg donation. Right after we got engaged, we began to look into the process, reaching out to a few agencies and clinics. During our 1 year engagement, we selected an agency, selected an IVF clinic, found an egg donor and were matched with a surrogate.

We transferred two fresh embryos (untested) in November 2011.

A month later, we got married; it was on our third anniversary, December 20th, 2011 in Manhattan at a small ceremony with close family and friends. That same day, was our first ultrasound. Our GC informed us during our reception that we were pregnant with twins!

Intended Parent Spotlight: Meet the Taylors

In January 2012, our journey started to have some challenges. Challenges and issues and stress began to build over the next 3 months. On April 12, 2012 our GC began to have contractions (22 weeks and 5 days gestational age)

On April 13, 2012 (Friday the 13th) – our son Gabriel Christian was born.

On April 15, 2012 – our daughter Adrienne was born.

Both twins were still born.

This loss was devastating; our nursery was furnished and painted, invitations for the Baby Shower had been created and our registry was complete. All of our friends and family had been so excited for us.

Intended Parent Spotlight: Meet the Taylors

Refusing to give up, we proceeded forward. We searched for a new Gestational Surrogate. I spoke to three indy GS’ and seven agencies before meeting a potential match.

Our first face to face meeting with our second GS occurred in August 2012 – we successfully matched! In December of 2012, we thawed three embryos, transferred two resulting in a singleton pregnancy.

Our son Trey was born August 2013 at 37 weeks 0 days. He is currently a very healthy and active 2 year old.

Intended Parent Spotlight: Meet the Taylors

Intended Parent Spotlight: Meet the Taylors

Intended Parent Spotlight: Meet the Taylors

The next 18 months were very happy (and tiring!) First time parents trying to figure out how to raise a child – the first year can be filled with challenges, joys and learning moments.

Intended Parent Spotlight: Meet the Taylors

Our dream was to have more children — so we moved forward to build our family. We completed a third transfer (working with our second GS) in January 2015. We thawed and transferred two embryos. At 7 weeks, we found two heartbeats.

On March 13, 2015 (Friday the 13th) – at our 9.5 week ultrasound, both heartbeats had stopped.
Our GS was away from home at the time and took a plane back to her home city. The miscarriage occurred on the plane en route to her home. Suffering this loss was terrible for our family.

Fortunately, Trey continued to be a constant joy, growing bringing light to our lives.

Intended Parent Spotlight: Meet the Taylors

Intended Parent Spotlight: Meet the Taylors

We began preparations for our fourth journey in September 2015, and transferred one PGS-tested embryo to our GS (the same one that carried Trey). On January 11th, the amniotic sac ruptured and all of the fluid came out. Our little one continued to have a strong heartbeat and even move around without fluid present in the sac.

Two days later, our GS went into labor and delivered our son at 18 weeks 0 days. Sherman flew out to be with her while Andy stayed with Trey in Ohio. We were able to see the family resemblance in our little boy, even though he was very tiny (7 oz). He was perfectly formed; he was a beautiful little boy.

Intended Parent Spotlight: Meet the Taylors

Intended Parent Spotlight: Meet the Taylors

Jaiden Alexander Taylor, born on January 13, 2016. He made us so happy during his brief stint on Earth.

Please play nicely with your brother and sister. We love you. We love all of you…

Intended Parent Spotlight: Meet the Taylors

It has been a long, difficult road over the past 5+ years as we worked to build and complete our family. We are not ready to give up on our dream. We have many people supporting us (our RE, attorneys, nurses and friends in the surrogacy field).

We have 5 PGS tested embryos and 1 untested embryo at our clinic in Los Angeles. We are hoping to find a special Carrier to enable us to complete our family – one who wants a life time long relationship and be able to watch their surro-babe grow up. We have been very engaged during pregnancies, attending as many visits as possible and regular (frequent communication). We intend to be very supportive and helpful during any future journey.

Ideally we are looking for a special woman who has had less than five pregnancies, no complications, lives in a same-sex friendly, surrogacy friendly state, and is under the age of 40. We are looking to have an independent journey, and would like someone who would like a close relationship with steady communication before, during, and after the journey.

If you are reading this and considering us as potential IFs, we would be extremely grateful for your time and consideration. We know the joys of our little family and the heartbreak of losing our little ones. We want to experience the joys of a productive and positive journey to enable us to bring our next child home. Thank you for your selfless gift of carrying someone else’s child.

If you are interested in contacting Andy and Sherman, as a potential surrogate, please fill out the contact form below. All emails go directly to The Taylors.

**For tips on what to include in your message, check out this post: Tips on Writing a Fabulous Surrogate Intro Letter**

Intended Parent Spotlight: The Taylors

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