Intended Parent Spotlight: Kylie and Donald

Intended Parent Spotlight: Kylie and Donald!

Hello! We are Donald and Kylie.

Intended Parent Spotlight: Kylie and Donald

If you are reading this, then you are no doubt a wonderful and amazing surrogate mother! (Or someone that perhaps is in support of her) Thank you very much for taking the time to consider us for a surrogate journey with you!

Our Story

In July of 1992 Kylie left her homeland (Australia) and went about traveling the world on a great adventure. She got as far as Oakland, CA, USA, where we met in 1992. It was absolutely love at first sight, I (Donald) had never met a more intelligent, funny, loving, kind and beautiful person!

Intended Parent Spotlight: Kylie and Donald

We dated for about five months and then Kylie had to return home to Australia. She traveled to and from Australia and the USA to be with me (Donald) three more times and a five year long distance relationship (our phone bills were ginormous).

Intended Parent Spotlight: Kylie and Donald

I finally got up the nerve to ask her to marry me in August 1996! She told me that she loved me very much and wanted to marry me; ‘but that I would have to move to Australia if we were going to marry’. So that’s what we did! I moved to Australia in March of 1997, and we married in a little country church on May 30th 1997.

Intended Parent Spotlight: Kylie and Donald

Before I (Donald) decided on a career in law enforcement, I was a Hip-Hop musician and wanted to persue a career in music. So, in April of 2000 we moved back to the USA (my hometown of Oakland, CA) where we still call home. Music has now become just a passionate hobby of mine.

We are surrounded by loving friends and family and have settled in nicely. Kylie works in the High Tech industry – though would give up her day job in a heartbeat to be stay at home mom!

Intended Parent Spotlight: Kylie and Donald

We have three furry family members (dogs); Sumet’, Pinky, and Mr. Banjo Patterson whom we love dearly.

We have many hobbies, but our passions which we can’t wait to share with our children are Swing dancing, Basketball (Go warriors!) Football (Raider Nation here!) and music production. We love many outdoor leisure activities that involve friends, family gatherings and fun!

Our Journey

Donald and I both have dreams and goals like any other couple that are in love; and we wanted to start our family shortly after we were married in 1997. Though, after a year of trying we found out that I (Kylie) have Stage Four Endometriosis, PCOS and Adenomyosis.

Intended Parent Spotlight: Kylie and Donald

This disease taken a lot of our time, our finances and our attention over the years to ensure I was receiving treatments to support my well-being. As a result of this disease, I am unable to carry our child. We have had many IVF rounds and procedures over the years that have been unsuccessful, none have resulted in pregnancy. We have embryos of our own on ice at Stanford IVF clinic (here in CA) that we would like to transfer.

Intended Parent Spotlight: Kylie and Donald


This is why we are now searching for our perfect wonder surrogate momma! We are super excited to find and meet a Surrogate mother, who would join our team and travel this path with us, where we will all together achieve our dream of being parents!

Intended Parent Spotlight: Kylie and Donald

We would love, love for our Surro-Mom to have a connection with us and our “bubs”. We look forward to attending neonatal visits (where travel and work is permissible) and want our kiddos to know the full story of how they came to be. We are very open to this process and a relationship with our Surrogate. We acknowledge the amazing, magnanimous, selfless gift you have chosen to give couples that are unable to have children (for many different reasons).

Thank you for choosing this path as a surro-mama, and thank you again for considering us! If you would like to chat further or have any questions do feel free to send us an email via the contact form below.


Donald & Kylie

To send a message to Donald & Kylie, please use the contact form below. All messages go directly to Kylie and Donald, and they will contact you from there. Thank you!

**For tips on what to include in your message, check out this post: Tips on Writing a Fabulous Surrogate Intro Letter**


Intended Parent Spotlight: Kylie and Donald

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