Intended Parent Spotlight: Jane & Aron

Intended Parent Spotlight: Jane & Aron!

Hi! My name is Donnie. I’m a dog!

Intended Parent Spotlight: Jane & Aron

You’re probably asking yourself, “why am I reading a letter from a dog (not to mention HOW am I reading a letter from a dog)?” The answer is I’m writing on behalf of my owners, Jane and Aron. These two are great parents to me! They feed me (twice a day, plus treats!), take me on long walks and hikes and have given me the best home.

If you met me now (yes! I love meeting new people!), you might think I’m a “pleasantly plump” 35 pounds. But a few years ago, I was homeless and malnourished. My hair was falling out and I had a rope for a leash. Then Aron and Jane adopted me and turned my life around. I can’t thank them enough for welcoming me into their family and making me the happiest dog in Southern California. The least I can do is to help them find a surrogate for their first child. To be honest, I think they kind of adopted me to practice being parents.

If you want to know the truth, I’m not excited about the idea of having a baby around. I get so much attention right now, that I don’t want that to change! But I’ve seen how hard they have been working over the last few years to have a baby, and I want to make them as happy as they make me.

Intended Parent Spotlight: Jane & Aron

Jane and Aron’s journey has not been an easy one over the last few years, but I’m really proud to call them my parents. In early 2013, Aron’s mom was diagnosed with ALS. That’s when Aron and Jane decided to speed up their timeline for having a baby. They really wanted to give Aron’s mom her first grandchild while she was still alive. Eventually Jane began the process of IVF. After a few starts and stops she actually became pregnant on the first try. They were both so excited. Unfortunately, Aron’s mother passed away in January of 2015 and was never able to realize the dream of meeting a grandchild. Less than a week later, at 17 weeks pregnant, Jane went to the emergency room with what was diagnosed as pre eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome. Sadly, the doctors had to terminate the pregnancy in order to save Jane’s life. Now they are advising her not to get pregnant again because the risk is too great. ☹

I’ve watched over the last year or so as they have searched for the right surrogate. Twice they thought they found the right one, only to learn that the surrogates they had matched with were not responding properly to their pre-transfer meds. So their search continues for the right surrogate.

Intended Parent Spotlight: Aron & Jane

It has been a long road for these two. I feel like in the short time that I have known them they have experienced a lifetime of sadness, grief and disappointment. I just hope this means good things are on the horizon for them.

Would you be willing to help them realize their dream of becoming parents??!! Like I said, I’m not super excited about the idea of sharing them with a baby, but frankly, I’m so darn sweet that I know I will eventually grow to love and protect their baby as much as I do them.


So please consider being a surrogate for Jane and Aron. At the very least you will get a chance to meet me (I’m super friendly and cuddly!), and you’ll be a welcome addition to our growing family, as they are open and caring people with good hearts.


P.S. – Here is a little more info from my parents, in case you were wondering.

Jane is 32 and was born and raised in Los Angeles. She works as a marketing manager at a toy company.

Aron is 35 and originally from Boston. He moved to Los Angeles in 2007 and currently works in real estate.


We met the new-fashioned way (online dating!) in November 2010 and were married in June 2012. We live in Studio City, CA in the L.A. area with our furry baby, Donnie. We have a lot of family and friends nearby and enjoy spending time with them, traveling, hiking, going to the movies and concerts, and trying new foods.

Aron_Jane_on a boat

We are looking for a friendly and considerate surrogate to help us on our journey. Your health and the health of our child are of the utmost importance to us. However, we hope that, as long as you are healthy, you would let any decisions be ours when it comes to the well being of our child, with our doctor’s recommendation of course. Although all our embryos are already PGS tested, we would like to reserve the right to reduce in the event of genetic abnormalities or do a selective reduction (triplets to twins) only if our doctor recommends for the health of the baby. We have no intention of reducing for superficial reasons such as gender.

We currently have five high-quality embryos that have all been genetically tested. Our plan is to only transfer one embryo at a time, as our doctor has said that would be fine. But we would like someone who is willing to consider implanting two if down the road our doctor recommends this course of action. Our fertility Clinic is Southern California Reproductive Center in Beverly Hills and we are working with the agency West Coast Surrogacy, who has been a great resource for us.

Aron_Jane_the early days

We would like someone with an open communication style who is willing to keep us updated regularly. We certainly don’t plan to be a burden on you every day for updates, but weekly check-ins, whether by phone, text, or email would be great. It would be great to attend appointments with you if possible and be in the delivery room if you are comfortable with that. We are open to maintaining a relationship with you and your family after our journey is over. We feel like the more positive influences our child can be exposed to, the better.

Some of the requirements that our doctor has for a potential surrogate include:

  • Someone between 21 to 38 years of age, overall in good health, and no complicated pregnancies
  • Normal BMI of 20-30
  • No more than 5 vaginal deliveries (would be able to try to get pregnant again 6-12 months after her last delivery)
  • No more than 2 C-sections (would be able to try to get pregnant again at least 12 months after her last delivery)

Other than that, we hope that you are willing to live a generally healthy lifestyle while carrying our child. Our family and friends are very supportive of our journey and hopeful for us. We hope that you also have a good support system around you. We are open-minded and caring people, and we hope that you consider yourself the same.


Thank you for considering joining us on this journey! We are incredibly grateful for people like you!

If you are interested in contacting Aron and Jane, as a potential surrogate, please fill out the contact form below. All emails go directly to Jane & Aron.

**For tips on what to include in your message, check out this post: Tips on Writing a Fabulous Surrogate Intro Letter**

Intended Parent Spotlight: Jane & Aron

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