Intended Parents Spotlight: Anna & Shervin

Intended Parent Spotlight: Anna and Shervin!

Hello! We are Anna and Shervin.

We met each other 18 years ago at a small family gathering where Shervin was a guest. It was truly love at first sight that led to a strong relationship. We both remember in detail the first time that we saw each other and the first conversation that led to years of true happiness together.

Intended Parent Spotlight: Anna & Shervin!

After a few years of being together, we got married. We decided to grow our family and have at least two children. At that time we did not know that Anna’s Hypothyroidism would be an obstacle to our dream. Two unsuccessful IVF’s and 5 miscarriages left us with no hopes for Anna to carry our child. Doctors said that due to Anna’s thyroid disorder, every time at 10 weeks of pregnancy baby’s heart would not start beating. After our last miscarriage in 2011 we almost gave up and lost all hopes to have children. But our love and support for each other made our union even stronger. Because Anna cannot keep the pregnancy, our doctor suggested to seek help from a surrogate mother.

Intended Parents Spotlight: Anna & Shervin

Let’s stop talking about those sad times in the past and focus on happy times, presence, and a hopeful future. Currently we are in our 40s and we reside at our home in Walnut Creek, Northern California. Our home radiates peace, light and happy energy. We both work in Walnut Creek. Anna has BS degree in Nutrition and Natural Medicine, and currently managing her preschool as a teacher and nutritionist. Shervin has a Law degree and currently working as a finance director.

Our free time we spend with family, friends and having fun. We have a big friendly family. All of them very supportive in our decision to find help from surrogate mother. Currently we are in the process of creating our embryos, which are going to be transferred to GC in Fertility clinic at San Ramon. We are looking for a surrogate whom we can be open and supportive with and to be involved in our journey together.

Intended Parents Spotlight: Anna & Shervin

Things that make us Happy:

Anna: Dancing Zumba; Yoga; Playing with children; Gardening; Cooking; Chinese Calligraphy; Reading; Friends and Family gatherings; Planning and organizing events.

Shervin: Movies; House decorating for events; Making breakfast on Saturday; Our niece and nephew; Family traveling; Karaoke; Exercising; Swimming.

Intended Parents Spotlight: Anna & Shervin

From Anna (about my preschool):

My job is my passion and my passion is my children who I love so much. They make my world! I teach them, and they teach me; we grow together! Having education in Natural Medicine and trying to help people around me, I realize that the best way to heal the world is if the healthy lifestyle and healthy mind starts developing at the early age. To find myself in what I do for living, took an exciting journey: from a hobby to education and from education to passion, from passion to my job, and from my job to unconditional love to children. I am very excited that with your help I can have a little one of my own.

Intended Parents Spotlight: Anna & Shervin

About Anna (by Shervin):

Anna is the girl that I was destined to be with and she is my true love. She is the most sincere, most caring person. She is my best friend and the person that our family can always rely on. She keeps everyone in the family healthy by making us organic, nutritious food… I know I am the luckiest man in the world to have her by my side, she is the sunshine of our family and when she comes into a room her beautiful loving, caring smile just makes everyone happier to be there.

About Shervin (by Anna):

Shervin is the most unique and caring person I have ever met. I found my soul mate that is the love of my life. He is very kind, responsible and a fun person to be around. He is very supportive and understanding; never gives up or panics, very optimistic, smart and intelligent. Shervin is very positive; he believes that every problem has a solution. He is very respectful to adults; for him family is everything. In his presence I feel like a princess, because he treats me like one.

To the Angel who makes our dream come true:

We are grateful to you for taking the time to learn about us, and we are so looking forward to welcoming you in to our lives. We have great respect and admiration for you as you travel this journey in creating a new life and helping us to extend our family. We are looking forward in supporting you in every way, would it be a doctor’s appointment, walks in the park, or just a phone call when you need to share your feelings and emotions.

What We Are Looking for in a Surrogate:

Ideally we are looking for a surrogate that has at least one child with a healthy pregnancy. Preferable age less than 30 that is local to us. We’re looking for someone that is friendly, understanding, with no smoking and drinking habits. We would want our surrogate to be willing to stay in a close relationship with us during the pregnancy, we are also open in having continued friendship afterwards as she will be our surrogate angel for all time. After speaking to many fertility doctors we have been suggested and would like to transfer 2 embryos per transfer. We are also, if it happens, open for twins.

Thank You

We are very thankful that you have taken the time to view our story and we hope it has helped you to get to know us a little better.

Should we be blessed to be chosen by you, rest assured that you will be always an angel in our story and that we will forever be grateful for the priceless gift of life and love you gave to our child. We are looking forward in hearing from you.

We can’t wait to hear from you!
Anna & Shervin

If you are interested in contacting Anna and Shervin, as a potential surrogate, please fill out the contact form below. All emails go directly to Anna and Shervin.

**For tips on what to include in your message, check out this post: Tips on Writing a Fabulous Surrogate Intro Letter**

Intended Parent Spotlight Anna & Shervin

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