Agency Spotlight Growing Generations

Agency Spotlight: Growing Generations

Growing Generations began in 1996, with a mission to help gay men and women have children through surrogacy and egg donation. At that time, there were only a small number of surrogacy agencies operating, and the idea of using an egg donor instead of a “traditional surrogate”, let alone helping gay men become parents, was considered taboo by most. Even more rare and frowned upon was helping single gay men to become fathers. Growing Generations chose to move past these restrictions and open their doors to the unserved.

Though their mission first began with the gay community, Growing Generations quickly grew and expanded their services to everyone, while still seeking to serve groups being discriminated against, such as HIV+ men wanting to use their sperm to become fathers. Out of this, Growing Generations created HART (HIV Assisted Reproductive Technologies), which has allowed hundreds of HIV+ men to safely use their sperm in the IVF process.

To date, well over 1,300 babies have been born through their surrogacy process alone, and Growing Generations has become one of the largest providers of surrogacy and egg donation services in the world.

Agency Spotlight Growing Generations

What makes Growing Generations stand out among the other agencies?

For starters, Growing Generations places a heavy emphasis on quality and safety, and that starts with the caliber of surrogate they recruit. In fact, less than 1% of the women who apply to their program will ever become a Growing Generations surrogate. Prior to being matched with an intended parent, the surrogate will go through a full psychological evaluation and medical screening, as well as an extensive criminal background check.

On top of that, Growing Generations has a team dedicated to customizing intended parent and surrogate matches, based on preferences and personality. At GG, they want their surrogates and intended parents to look back at their journeys with tremendous joy and satisfaction. To deliver that level of quality, you have to tailor each match, as opposed to allowing the Intended Parent to select from any available surrogate.

Education is a Priority at Growing Generations

Intended Parents that come to Growing Generations are offered free consultations, which provide them with an abundance of key information about the surrogacy processes, before they get started. In addition, they also offer free financial consultations to better understand the cost of the surrogacy process and to determine that Intended Parent’s individual budget. Throughout the process Growing Generations continues to educate the Intended Parent at each new phase of the journey so he or she knows what to expect.

Agency Spotlight Growing Generations

For surrogates that sign on with Growing Generations, they will speak directly with one of the surrogate admissions staff (which includes previous surrogates), over the phone to go through the application, talk about what to expect from the journey, and to answer any and all questions the surrogate has. Just like Intended Parents, surrogates will be educated throughout the entire process to understand what’s next, receive regular psychological check-ups/check-ins, as well as have access to monthly surrogate support calls.

Quality Above Quantity

Growing Generations takes on a maximum of 160 cases per year so that they can give a high level of attention and detail to each one. This means that they consistently have Intended Parents waiting for a surrogate, but each case’s wait time will depend on its needs and desires. For some the wait time will be 1-2 months and for others 4-6 months.

They’re worth the wait though, as Growing Generations is known to provide some of the best surrogates in the world – a comment they hear consistently from respected IVF physicians. Further, nearly 70% of their Intended Parents are referrals from past clients who’ve successfully welcomed babies through their surrogacy program. This high referral rate is because they work hard to consistently improve their processes and staff in order to deliver extraordinary customer service.

CARRIE and family

At Growing Generations they know that the surrogate is the most valuable aspect of the surrogacy process and, as such, they acknowledge this value. They consider surrogates as clients and treat them with the same kind of service, empathy and commitment that they show their Intended Parents.

Surrogates with Growing Generations receive a competitive benefit package, and will have access to some of the top professionals in the industry. Growing Generations works with only the best they can find, so it is an opportunity to be part of a very special, very limited group of women.

What Does Growing Generations Want People to Know About Surrogacy?

Surrogacy really is a gift. They know that some clients who come to their agency have struggled before reaching them, and so surrogacy doesn’t always feel like such a gift. But it can be a journey that positively changes everyone’s life, no matter what your history leading up to this step. What makes a successful surrogacy are professionals and partners that have experience, vision and resources to shepherd both Intended Parent and Surrogate from the beginning of their journey to its end.

“At Growing Generations, we love what we do. Everything we do here is based on quality and safety. We take less than 1% of the women that apply to be our surrogates and egg donors, both our surrogates and egg donors come pre-screened, and we provide an array of insurance options from which our clients can choose. We have guided thousands of clients, from over 50 different countries, through one of life’s most inspiring journeys. This is who we are.”Teo Martinez, CEO, Growing Generations

Bottom line: Growing Generations is founded upon providing top notch quality service. They want each and every person that interacts with their company to feel special, and to treasure their experience with Growing Generations. A solid foundation, 20+ years of experience, excellent surrogates, and excellent service–that’s why you choose Growing Generations.

If you are interested in learning more about Growing Generations, either as an Intended Parent, or Surrogate, head on over to their website here: