Agency Spotlight Choice Surrogacy

On October 20th 2015, longtime industry expert Trish Taylor took an exciting step when she founded and launched a brand new surrogacy agency: Choice Surrogacy. Though the agency itself is new to the fast-growing field of assisted reproduction, they’ve hit the ground running with seasoned professionals that have decades of experience with surrogacy.

What Makes Choice Surrogacy Unique?

Intended Parents and Surrogates alike select Choice Surrogacy for continually innovating the surrogacy experience with cutting edge business models of pricing and protection, while keeping the Parents’ financial investment and the Surrogate’s benefits in the forefront of their minds. This has allowed Choice Surrogacy to guarantee their clients will pay the lowest program fee in the industry. In addition to the lowest program fee, it includes cost-cutting discounts on legal, medical, psychological, insurance, and escrow fees, with fixed benefits for the surrogates.

“Our goal for Choice is to make surrogacy more affordable for people that want to create families.” – Trish Taylor

Agency Spotlight: Choice Surrogacy

Choice Surrogacy Founder & CEO Trish Taylor and her family

Choice’s owner, Trish Taylor, is one of the two Founding Members in 1996 of the first surrogacy agency committed to serving the gay community worldwide. Her mission was providing choice to people through the process of surrogacy to have their own biological connection to their children. Her wife, Gail Taylor, served from 1996 to 2010 as the second Founding Member and President of the surrogacy company. Trish is proud to have experienced the journey personally as a surrogate herself in 2002 with the birth of a healthy baby boy.

The Taylor’s two decades of leadership have blazed new trails in the arena of creating families. Their vision of surrogacy and equality of families has evolved and become more mainstream. Trish Taylor moved on in 1998 and served until 2015 as the Founder, Owner and eventually Chairman of New Life Agency, Inc. New Life remains today a company revolutionizing how surrogacy, egg donation and infertility treatments are covered through insurance programs. Taylor’s leadership is intrinsic to forwarding the vision of high quality, cost contained, reliable services in the assisted reproduction arena. Her commitment to providing choice continues today with Choice Surrogacy Inc®.

Agency Spotlight: Choice Surrogacy

Choice Surrogacy Founder & CEO Trish Taylor, and her wife Gail

“Trish was the ideal surrogate for our family. Kind, compassionate and generous of spirit – she provided us our dream of creating a child – completing our family of three. We are forever grateful to the Taylors for their indelible presence in our lives.” – Tom Eagan and Mike Lubin

In her various positions within the surrogacy industry, Trish Taylor and her teams have provided excellence in service for over 20 years. With this experience and expertise, Taylor has a goal in mind, to provide a choice for people with the process of surrogacy, so they can have a biological connection with their children. They also want to bring this service to a wider range of clientele, by providing high quality, cost contained, and reliable services in the assisted reproductive arena.

“Building a family through surrogacy takes a complex team of caring and compassionate professionals and a single selfless act from a willing surrogate to achieve success. Choosing the right team of professionals and a surrogate is the key to this process.” – Dr. Robert Boostanfar, MD of HRC Fertility

In addition to the guaranteed lowest program fee, Choice works with doctors that help control expensive fertility treatments, testing, and services furthering the containment of total out of pocket costs, and providing peace of mind on your journey to achieve a successful pregnancy.

“Trish Taylor virtually single-­handedly created the industry for Assisted Reproduction Insurance. Because of her, thousands of surrogates and the parents for which they were carrying babies have peace of mind while enjoying the highest level of medical care for their healthy babies.” – Gary Hickox, CEO of New Life Agency, Inc.

The Choice Surrogacy Experience

Choosing a Gestational Carrier with Choice, you’ll have a surrogate who is already committed to helping you become a parent. The Choice Surrogacy team invests their professional time and money to only present to you gestational carriers that meet specific criteria, and that have been professionally and medically screened prior to you selecting them.

Agency Spotlight: Choice Surrogacy

Lyndi Linker, Choice Surrogacy Operations Manager

Every single surrogate with Choice Surrogacy completes an extensive approval process including medical clearance, psychological clearance, insurance clearance, and a five-point background check clearance prior to you meeting your surrogate. These surrogates have also had healthy, enjoyable pregnancies of their own, and are excited to share that experience with you to create a family.

“Surrogacy can be an incredibly positive and successful journey if you have the right program in place to help you along the way. The program must include a team of professionals that have both parties best interest in mind and work to accommodate your desires through your process.” – Trish Taylor

Bottom line:  Choice Surrogacy’s #1 goal is to provide the best overall service and cost containment for the parents, and the best benefits and support for surrogates in the surrogacy community. It’ll be hard to top that!

Choice-Square-Logo.-200x200Choice Surrogacy is made up of experienced professionals within the surrogacy industry that have helped thousands of new parents and surrogates. Providing excellence in service for over 20 years and committed to choice and cost containment offering the lowest program fee guaranteed. Choice is located in Rancho Mirage, CA. For more information: 800-362-3090 or