The Law Office of David M. Secouler

ATS Lawyer Spotlight: The Law Office of David M. Secouler

They say we are often thrown into our paths in life. This saying rings true for David Secouler.

It all started during his final year of law school, when David Secouler was introduced to a whole new world – the wonderful world of surrogacy. All thanks to his wife.

Just like many other women, Kara Secouler had the desire to become a surrogate, and brought the idea to her husband. As they embarked on the surrogacy journey together, David’s path was slowly paved.

David M. Secouler Lawyer Spotlight

Experiences from this surrogacy journey led to times where the student became the teacher, as Secouler found himself more knowledgeable than a Professor when it came to the topic of reproductive law. It was then that David realized how his personal experiences, paired with this newfound passion were much needed in this industry.


The Law Office of David M. Secouler.


What sets this law firm out among the rest?

For starters, Secouler believes that having a family shouldn’t require a person to spend their entire life savings in the process.

And that belief is exactly why he has flat rate fees – meaning that is the price you pay no matter what. How great is that?! With the The Law Office of David M. Secouler there are no extra fees for consultations, phone calls, and emails. This ensures you receive all the time you need to ask questions, discuss important details, and make sure you feel 100% comfortable with your contract, and your journey.

Reproductive law and surrogacy contracts aren’t Secouler’s only offerings, though. He also offers matching services for Intended Parents and Surrogates. Although David is not looking to blend his law firm into an agency, he does have the resources and connections – with the assistance of his wife – to find surrogate candidates for his clients. This is a great benefit for those specifically looking for independent surrogacy journeys.

So what kind of rates are you looking at, when hiring The Law Office of David M. Secouler to represent your surrogacy case?

$5,000 flat rate for matching services. This includes: two surrogate matches (if 1st surrogate doesn’t work out), criminal background checks, psychological evaluations, and everything connected to finding a successful match. Fee includes all time needed to talk and connect. 

$1,500 flat fee for contract services. This includes: anything connected to the surrogacy contract, and all the time it takes to discuss, negotiate, and file – whether it takes two hours or 20 hours.

$1,500 flat fee for Pre Birth Order (PBO). Includes: petition and filings.

And here’s where David Secouler really stands out, where his heart and passion for helping people create their families shines through: Even with those set fees noted above, he will not turn away a client for the inability to afford his services. Does this mean he will work for free? No, but because Secouler believes everyone deserves the chance at creating their family, he will work with clients on payments.

So, if you’re in the Pennsylvania area, and are looking for a reproductive lawyer, I highly suggest you look into The Law Office of David M. Secouler.

The Law Office of David M. Secouler

While he may have only graduated law school in 2014, don’t let that deter you from looking into Secouler’s representation. In the last year alone David has already written, and completed a handful of surrogacy contracts, as well as reviewed and represented surrogates on at least a dozen more. More importantly, David Secouler has the knowledge, skills, connections, and heart to accurately represent you, and your best interests when it comes to drawing up surrogacy contracts.

Bottom line: The Law Office of David M. Secouler wants to see successful matches between Intended Parents and Surrogates, and in turn, to see healthy babies born, and families created. That’s a win in my book.