It's Time Surrogacy Agency Spotlight

Agency Spotlight: It’s Time Surrogacy

“Surrogacy is a process that can feel overwhelming at times, but with the right team of people around you, you’ll feel secure, informed, and supported.” – Angela Hartshorn

It’s Time Surrogacy is a San Diego based surrogacy agency which is owned and operated by two women who have dedicated their lives to the infertility world. Angela Hartshorn, the founder/Co-Owner of It’s Time Surrogacy has been in the field since 1994 and has a plethora of knowledge. Her enriched clinical experience makes her able to help their clients navigate the fertility process smoothly.

Christina Thursby, Co-Owner, has served as a gestational surrogate five times over the last decade. Each journey was unique, brought her immeasurable joy and equipped her with the skills to support everyone along the journey. Their services are geared towards a family approach and they pride themselves on offering impeccable services and support throughout the entire process. They also offer services to those just gathering information on the surrogacy process, and those who are wanting an independent or minimal agency involvement. With these two on your side your journey will be in capable and caring hands.

It's Time Surrogacy Co-Owners Angela and Christina

So, what is It’s Time Surrogacy’s #1 goal?

To have happy, healthy, and successful surrogacy matches!

It’s Time Surrogacy is a small, boutique agency that offers all the full service agency services, in addition to independent surrogacy support. Both Angela and Christina understand the world of surrogacy does not follow the standard business hours of operations, and their agency offers 24/7, 365 day availability. They often say; “If we don’t answer our phones or email, it’s because we’re sleeping or boarding a plane!”

Some people may feel intimidated by the larger agencies, or ‘lost’ in the midst of so many other intended parents and surrogates. Due to their size, It’s Time Surrogacy offers a more intimate avenue for journeys, and each intended parent and surrogate knows Angela and Christina are there for them at any given time. They take pride in the level of care they give, and love to see everyone’s dreams come true.

Christina’s extensive experience as a surrogate, and Angela’s comprehensive medical background, ensure they are able to properly support a surrogate throughout her journey. Their respective experiences also allow them to assist intended parents at every level of their journey, seamlessly weaving the two paths together to make the best possible matches—and of course more than a few beautiful babies along the way! With professional hands and caring hearts, they help all involved navigate the legal, psychological, and medical aspects of surrogacy.

When it comes to matching, they take into account everything an intended parent/parents are looking for in a surrogate, as well as the relationship they desire to have with her. They are also extremely conscientious in matching surrogates with their future intended parent(s), and do their utmost to ensure she is comfortable during the entire process. It’s Time Surrogacy strives to take a family approach to the surrogacy process, and make sure matches are made with individuals who want the same experience.

These ladies understand surrogacy is costly, and intended parents and surrogates prefer to go the independent route for that reason, and more. For those who want to match independently, they offer several packages with varied levels of support, helping parents and surrogates find the journey that best suits them.

It's Time Surrogacy Co-Owners Angela and Christina

If you’re looking for more information on their experiences, they provide detailed information on the It’s Time Surrogacy website, as well as SART, surrogacy websites, and of course legal and psychological contacts.

Does this agency sound like a dream come true for you, as a surrogate?

Fantastic! They currently have several intended parents searching for a perfect surrogate, just like you. At this time they have approximately 7 potential intended parents/couples, but that number is always growing. The potential intended parents are single, married, gay, straight, and located in the U.S., and international so they are sure they have someone for you to match with.

It’s Time Surrogacy wants to help you build the family you’ve always dreamed of, or help you to help others do that with the amazing gift we all know surrogacy to be. If you’re looking for a smaller, more intimate agency who strives for a family-type approach to the journeys they guide, It’s Time Surrogacy’s Angela and Christina may be your perfect match to help you find yours.

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