Agency Spotlight: Surrogate Alternatives, Inc

Sitting down to speak with Diana Olmeda, CEO of Surrogate Alternatives, Inc, I was prepared with a plethora of questions to ask, in wanting to bring the best information to all of you. Only, that list of questions sat on my desk, untouched. You see, Diana is one of those people who, upon meeting for the first time, feels like you’ve known them forever. Her presence is warm and inviting, and that really shines through into her agency.

ATS Agency Spotlight: Surrogate Alternatives, Inc.Opening their doors in 1998, SAI paved the way as pioneer surrogacy agency in San Diego County. From the beginning it has been a priority of Diana’s that Surrogate Alternatives build good relationships with their surrogates and intended parents, as relationships are the foundation of the journey.

When looking into surrogacy agencies – whether as an Intended Parent or Surrogate – you want to be with an agency that takes the time to build a relationship with you, one that genuinely cares, rather than one that has you feeling like you’re nothing more than a number. Surrogate Alternatives provides that relationship and so much more.

As my neutral 3rd party position running All Things Surrogacy, and not one as a client, SAI had nothing to gain by speaking with me. Still, CEO Diana Olmeda took over an hour of her time to sit and chat with me about the history of her agency and what she brings to the community as a whole. That gesture itself speaks volumes.

So what makes SAI one of the largest, most popular agencies?

In my opinion it’s their desire to make everyone feel like part of one big, happy family.

Surrogates have done nothing but rave about them in our Surrogate Satisfaction Survey.Their constant communication, monthly support groups, dedicated support staff, yearly surrogate retreats, and fun get togethers have everyone feeling like they’ve got a full support team on their side… and they do!

ATS Agency Spotlight: Surrogate Alternatives, Inc.

Olmeda likes to know her surrogates are in good hands and are being taken care of. She knows the surrogacy process (having been a surrogate herself), and has a staff of women who are or have been surrogates themselves, so everyone knows the process firsthand. It gives them a sense of understanding – they’ve gone through it all, and can help you in your journey.

The Surrogate Program Director at SAI will educate potential surrogates on the whole surrogacy process and what it’s like, guide them through it, and offer advice. They won’t waste anyone’s time though, if the agency feels like a surrogate applicant is not a good fit, or cannot match them, they will point them toward other resources, and even other agencies.

Diana tells us what makes Surrogate Alternatives a little different is they really love their surrogates. For them it’s not about the money, it’s about finding a good match, and everyone having a good, memorable journey.

Their team is very careful when matching, to appropriately connect the IPs and Surrogates. They want to make sure everyone walks away happy, glad they’ve done surrogacy, and feeling like they’ve had a fulfilling journey. They genuinely care about their surrogates and Intended Parents, and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When signing on with Surrogate Alternatives, Inc. you don’t just become a surrogate with them, you become part of their family.

ATS Agency Spotlight: Surrogate Alternatives, Inc.

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