Agency Spotlight: Surrogacy Partnership

Agency Spotlight: Surrogacy Partnership

“Surrogacy is a beautiful thing. To help other people fulfill their dreams of being parents is a gift that keeps on giving. I’m proud to be a part of surrogacy as a whole, and it has certainly changed my life for the better.” – Jessica Busman, Founder & Owner of Surrogacy Partnership

Jessica Busman always wanted to work in the surrogacy field, especially after being a surrogate twice. That being said, surrogacy is a small, specialized field, and such jobs can be difficult to come by, to say the least. However, her passion for helping families extended beyond being a surrogate, and after Jessica gave birth to her second surrogacy baby the mother of the child (a Reproductive Endocrinologist) made a suggestion: “You should start your own agency.”

And so she did! Surrogacy Partnership – which opened its doors March 2017 – is a boutique agency, specializing in handling only a few cases a year, with an emphasis on a personal touch. They offer all-inclusive services, which will guide both the intended parents as well as their surrogate through the entire surrogacy journey.

“Starting an agency is a way for me to continue with my passion into the long-term. I had the experience in the industry, the contacts, and the heart for it. Not to mention people who believed in me. Everything started falling into place, and I knew it was meant to be.”

Surrogacy Partnership is a great fit for surrogates and intended parents who may feel overwhelmed by the larger agencies, and are looking for something on the more intimate side.

The surrogacy process can be intimidating to navigate, so it’s important to Jessica that intended parents and surrogates get the individual support they are need, when they need it. She wants to make sure that each intended parent or parents get the attention and communication they need for their journey to be a success.

This, of course, includes surrogates, too! Being a surrogate herself, she understands the needs of a surrogate, and why they chose to be one. She’ll be holding monthly surrogate support groups, where surrogates can talk to one another and express their feelings in a safe, supportive atmosphere.

Of course, no one wants to run into problems when trying to create a family, but realistically they can occur. Jessica is up for any challenge, and she’s determined to help intended parents achieve their dreams. As such, Jessica wants intended parents and surrogates alike to know she’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Both the surrogates and IPs will have her personal cell phone number, and can reach her as needed.

When asked what some of her goals were, Jessica told us; “I want both intended parents and surrogates to find the right match for them, but most importantly, to do it in such a way that it’s a memorable and loving journey for everyone involved. Once that happens, the next goal for my agency is to, of course, have as many successful, healthy, live births as possible!”

What is Jessica looking for right now?

“I’m looking for California surrogates. I would like to have a good amount screened and ready to be matched with IPs. Surrogates are the first piece of the puzzle.”

Surrogacy Partnership’s website has recently launched and can be found here: Jessica is also reachable by phone and/or e-mail to answer any and all questions you might have if you’re interested.

So, if you’re a California surrogate looking for an agency on the smaller, more intimate side, Surrogacy Partnership might just be the perfect match to help you start your journey!