Agency Spotlight: Fertility SOURCE Companies

Agency Spotlight: Fertility SOURCE Companies

“[As] one of the largest egg donor agencies in the country [we] saw the need to provide quality surrogates for our intended parents. We then made it our mission to expand the heart of our business to a full service agency for our intended parents and dedicate our compassion to ‘Creating Pathways To Parenthood’.” — Fertility SOURCE Companies

Thus in 2006 The Donor SOURCE International, formerly known as Genesis Egg Donor Corporation, was expanded to include a surrogacy division of their agency. This addition, as well as the donor program, are now collectively known as Fertility SOURCE Companies! Over the 13 years the company has been in operation, they have grown substantially, and are now nationwide and working with over 250 fertility practices. This admirable agency is owned by a group of prominent and successful fertility physicians, and business people with extensive experience in the fertility field.

Fertility SOURCE Companies Agency Spotlight

Nancy Block, Steve Masler, Donna Raidy

What sets Fertility SOURCE Companies apart from other agencies?

FSC is proud to handle every aspect of their intended parents’ and surrogates’ journeys, with medical, legal, and most importantly, emotional support. How do they accomplish this? They have team members who have been surrogate mothers and egg donors, who use their experience to help make special connections to surrogates, egg donors, and intended parents in their program. Almost nothing more speaks to the integrity of an agency like having former program members working for you after their journey is through!

Fertility SOURCE Companies Agency Spotlight

Lori Broitman, Steve Masler, Stephanie Warren

In addition to this, FSC also has two Registered Nurses on staff, trained and passionate about effectively identifying excellent surrogates and egg donors for intended parents. They are also involved in the journeys from a medical standpoint, helping surrogates and intended parents through the sometimes daunting process.

FSC ensures their team members are available 24/7 to provide information, answer questions and concerns, and support their clients.

Intended Parents and Choosing Fertility SOURCE Companies

Professionalism with abundant compassion, as well as the organization of FSC speaks volumes to the IPs who choose this agency. Their staff is coordinated into teams to better serve United States and International IPs. Those looking to be matched with a surrogate at FSC can rest assured the surrogates have been thoroughly screened, educated on the process, and met with for consultations.

Due to their comprehensive screening process, FSC is constantly recruiting gestational surrogates, and have many surrogates in various stages of the screening process. This creates a steady cycle of readily available gestational surrogates. However, gestational surrogates are in high demand, and they do have intended parents–at various stages–waiting between 1 and 4 months. The Intended Parents’ team works diligently to find not just a surrogate, but a quality candidate based on their wishes and desires to build a relationship. Not just a match.

Fertility SOURCE Companies Agency Spotlight

Jan Berman and Susan Cohen

Surrogates and Joining Fertility SOURCE Company’s Team

FSC readily recognizes the generous and altruistic nature of surrogates, and ensures these women’s needs are met. Surrogates have an instrumental role in helping to change a family’s life, and FSC wants to be there every step of the way to support and guide their surrogates.

Fertility SOURCE Companies Agency Spotlight

Arika Avedano-Tucker and Donna Raidy

As part of their full-service agency, FSC created monthly surrogacy support group meetings for surrogates in all stages of their journeys. The groups meet in person, and provide a forum for the surrogates to communicate and have additional support. Surrogates at Fertility SOURCE Companies receive a competitive compensation package, and have access to professional resources across the country.

Resources and Information on the Surrogacy Process

Each intended parent is assigned a team from our staff, and has a complimentary consultation explaining in detail the surrogacy process. This includes financial considerations and financing options, gestational carrier screening, and the process of IVF.

Gestational carriers have a consultation to explain the surrogacy process thoroughly before becoming available to intended parents. With our two RN’s on staff we have the unique ability to answer questions about the medical process, and we have nationwide resources within our partner fertility practices. Our surrogate mothers attend monthly support group meetings to interact and communicate with each other and our staff about challenges, questions, concerns, and successes along their journey.

Fertility SOURCE Companies Agency Spotlight

Nancy Block, Staci Padilla

Fertility SOURCE Company’s #1 Goal, and What you Should Know About Them

FSC’s mission is to provide individuals who are unable to conceive with the assistance they need to become parents, including matching them with an egg donor, gestational surrogate, or both. Through their divisions, The Donor SOURCE and The Surrogacy SOURCE, it’s their commitment to provide the highest degree of compassion, support, and guidance to recipients, egg donors, and surrogates.

They are proud to serve the LGBT community, and have had great success assisting LGBT intended parents on their journey to parenthood. Their passion is to help intended parents fulfill their dreams, and they strongly believe everyone deserves the opportunity to become a parent.

Fertility SOURCE Companies Agency Spotlight

April Alvarado

Bottom Line: Fertility SOURCE Companies has a commitment to service and excellence. This applies to everyone in the process, including their partner fertility practices, attorneys, psychologists, egg donors, gestational surrogates, and intended parents. They take pride in providing a unique and comprehensive experience for everyone throughout their journey. FSC looks forward to maintaining relationships with their clients, and the families created from the beautiful process of surrogacy.