Fertility Miracles Agency Spotlight

Agency Spotlight: Fertility Miracles

Recently, while attending the Men Having Babies Surrogacy Conference & Expo in San Francisco, I had the chance to meet with some of the agencies and clinics that were sponsoring the event, as well as those who were attending the event. One of the agencies in attendance (and a sponsor of the event) was Fertility Miracles, which I was eager to meet, as I had heard some wonderful things about them!

Let me tell you… they live up to those brags!  I had the opportunity to meet Founder and Clinical Administrator of Fertility Miracles, Karen Roeb, Senior Egg Donor Case Manager, Suzanne Bangis. There was just this immediate warmth surrounding these sweet ladies, giving you the feeling that you’ve known them forever.

Agency Spotlight: Fertility Miracles

Shortly after the Men Having Babies seminar I sat down with Karen for an interview and get-to-know-you session to learn more about Fertility Miracles (since it was such a busy day at the seminar). So without further adieu, I bring this information straight to you!

Karen Roeb started our in the medical and assisted reproduction world as a fertility nurse, with 20 years experience under her belt. Upon leaving the medical field (when the Dr.’s office she worked for closed) she went to work for a surrogacy agency and fell in love with the surrogacy community.

This led to the start of Fertility Miracles. In the eight years Fertility Miracles has been in business they have grown to 13 employees, have multiple locations, and they’ve got a great rating with past and present intended parents on the rating boards with the Men Having Babies organization. Since ratings are done through a private third party questionnaire, this speaks volumes about the amount of love and care they bring to each of their surrogacy cases.

A few things stand out about Fertility Miracles, one being the fact that each and every intended parent, surrogate, and egg donor with their agency has 24/7 access to someone at the agency. We all know not everything happens within the normal 9-5 business hours, so this is a huge perk! Can you imagine sitting there having a small freak out session over wanting to do your injections properly (as a surrogate or donor) and oh wait, it’s 8PM.. what are you going to do? Who can walk you through it at this hour?! Your clinic is closed… but your agency is available! Karen has a background in the fertility medical field and has the knowledge and ability to walk you through it all!

As Intended Parents, when you sign up with Fertility Miracles you are then given access to the surrogates and egg donor databases to search through, with no upfront costs. If for some reason the surrogate or egg donor does not pass their screenings the agency will replace the surrogate or donor at no additional cost to you, the intended parent.

The time spent chatting with Karen and the ladies of Fertility Miracles was enjoyable, and they really have a desire to help create families that shines through into their agency. I highly recommend you take a moment to get to know Fertility Miracles, I’m sure you’ll be glad you did!

Fertility Miracles

To give you a deeper look into what it’s like as a surrogate through Fertility Miracles, read on to see what three time surrogate Jamie has to say:

My name is Jamie and I became a Surrogate in 2008. I found Fertility Miracles through an online search while attempting to find a good agency as a first time surro. Right from the beginning I found that this was a caring and trusting agency. I was immediately contacted by phone and began my relationship with Karen (Clinical Administrator). She was genuine and personable. We began my first journey shortly thereafter. After three failed transfers (unfortunately, IM did not want to use a donor), Karen was right there for me  when I and the IM had questions and concerns. It was a friendship that was created because we both wanted to help people become parents. This was something she has done time and time again (connecting Surrogates with Intended Parents), but, I truly feel that her agency is the best because of the passion and personal touch that she and the others provide.

What I like most is that if I have had a question, I get the answers back immediately; if not, instantly. The interaction between IP’s and the agency has always gone smoothly. I’ve had successful journeys in years 2010, 2012 and 2014. I’ve never experienced an issue with payments, communication or trust. I am confident that they’ve always had my best interest in mind. When I’m in the area, I always try and meet up with her and she’s been sweet enough to attend my transfers. Recently, in April of 2014; she and her staff came to visit the IF’s and I after I delivered their baby boy. To have them surrounded at the lunch table “oohing and ahhing” over the baby boy was a memory that will be in my mind forever. It was a great visit and it really showed her true desire to see the end result of happy families being created. I have made a friend who I can call and talk to and know that she’ll be there if I had to call upon her. I didn’t expect that. She knows me well and has been able to connect me with three sets of Intended Parents that I have great relationships with. I’m grateful for this and even more proud to have represented the agency, Fertility Miracles.

Jamie Canevari Surrogate with Fertility Miracles

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