Agency Spotlight: All Families Surrogacy

Agency Spotlight: All Families Surrogacy

“See a need, fill a need.”

This is one of my favorite sayings. It also happens to be the best description in explaining what brought Carey Flamer-Powell to start her surrogacy agency, All Families Surrogacy.

Years ago, when Carey and her wife were looking to start their family, they were surprised at how easy the process turned out to be, as Carey successfully achieved pregnancy on her second IUI. This experience led her to the idea of wanting to help other gay and lesbian couples in creating their families… the seed was planted!

Agency Spotlight: All Families Surrogacy

Carey Flamer-Powell, CEO – All Families Surrogacy

Soon Carey found herself researching surrogacy, and felt it was the right path for her. She connected with a wonderful set of Intended Mothers on a message board – by a twist of fate. The ad looking for a surrogate was supposed to expire two days prior, and yet there it was. It just felt right. Carey messaged the couple, and soon they began their surrogacy journey together.

That journey had its ups and downs, and Carey felt at times it would have been nice to have the guidance of an agency during that time. It was then that she realized there was not a single agency out there specifically focusing on LGBT family building.  It all came together.

August 2014, while many 8 months pregnant women are preparing to start maternity leave, Carey launched the start of her new agency – All Families Surrogacy! Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, All Families Surrogacy is a small agency with big passion: to help LBGT persons and couples in family building through surrogacy.

Agency Spotlight: All Families Surrogacy

All Families Surrogacy

And that’s exactly what they’ve done! In their short time as an agency, All Families Surrogacy has wasted no time in getting their name out there. Less than a year old, they’ve got a handful successful matches already, and two confirmed pregnancies!!

So what is the secret to their success? The passion to provide a way to help create families. Before starting the agency, Carey was a stay at home mom, and didn’t need to work. She still doesn’t. She does what she does for the love of creating families. To fill a need.

In her mission to help create families, Carey also wants to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to come to surrogacy as a family building option. This is why her agency fee is the lowest in the industry, and also why she offers a deep discount for clients who come to All Families Surrogacy through the Gay Parenting Assistance Program at Men Having Babies.

Agency Spotlight: All Families Surrogacy

Lunch with Intended Fathers M & S

All Families Surrogacy operates on a personal approach, treating their Intended Parents and Surrogates more like family than clients. With both Carey, her Surrogacy Coordinator Angela, and marketing specialist Crystal having been surrogates before, they are able to provide answers to many questions that may arise, with firsthand experience, and are available 24/7.

Agency Spotlight: All Families Surrogacy

Angela – Surrogacy Coordinator, All Families Surrogacy

Support is such an important factor in any surrogacy journey, everything that All Families Surrogacy does and offers is on such a personal level, you can’t help but feel supported throughout your entire journey.

Benefits for Intended Parents: 

  • An agency with passion and a mission, specifically created for helping the LGBT community.
  • A personal approach, always being able to reach the owner, and your coordinator.
  • The lowest agency fee in the industry.
  • Lower fees through the GPAP program with Men Having Babies.

Benefits for Surrogates: 

  • An agency made up of women who’ve been surrogates and know exactly what you’re going through.
  • A fully supportive, friendly staff. You are a person, not a number at All Families Surrogacy.
  • Guidance and education through the journey from the moment you sign up.
  • Fun get togethers and meet-ups for those near the Portland area.

All Families Surrogacy is a wonderful agency, doing great things for both the surrogacy and LGBT communities. If you’re looking into surrogacy as an intended parent, or potential surrogate, I encourage you to reach out to Carey and her fabulous staff. They’ll answer any questions you may have, whether you choose to work with them or not. They’re committed to surrogacy as a whole.

Agency Spotlight: All Families Surrogacy

Kaylyn – Business Manager, All Families Surrogacy

What are current surrogates and intended parents saying about All Families Surrogacy? Read their reviews here:

“We could not be happier in our choice of All Families Surrogacy in our quest to start our own family. We approached the whole process feeling completely overwhelmed, but from the get-go Carey was there being supportive and patient, explaining how the process works, reassuring us, but most of all being forthright about what we could expect and what we needed to prepare for.” ~ S & D, Intended Parents

“One of the reasons why I decided to go with All Families  Surrogacy is due to the women behind it. Not only do they care about the families that they are servicing but they truly care about the surrogates  that are involved in the process. I’m lucky to have met the two and to be able to do this journey with them. I don’t think anyone can do this job. But to have two women who have done it themselves and have been in my shoes allows me to have piece of mind that the people who are representing me have my best interest at heart.” ~ Surrogate Y, Oregon

“I realized the staff at All Families Surrogacy was devoted to their surrogates and Intended Parents  before I even signed with them in late 2014. I receive weekly emails at a minimum from the staff checking up on my journey. Every staff member is amazing and very educated in the surrogacy process. I am so glad I decided to sign with AFS. It was definitely the best decision I could have made. I’m looking forward to meeting the entire staff and fellow surrogates in August at AFS’s surrogacy retreat!” ~ Surrogate R, California

If you are interested in All Families Surrogacy, as a potential Surrogate, or Intended Parent, please comment below or follow this link to send a private message!

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