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About Abundant Beginnings:

From the Abundant Beginnings website:

Abundant Beginnings is a full service Surrogacy agency run by a staff whose knowledge and experience will facilitate each step of the process from the initial choice of a Gestational Surrogate to the ultimate reward of childbirth. We work with clients throughout the world and have representatives to personally assist you in both Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area.

As you embark upon your journey to parenthood, we hope you will allow us, with our personal experience and years of expertise… to listen, guide and support you.

We asked… the surrogates answered:

What brought you to work with this agency?

  • I was looking for a smaller, more intimate agency. One who would communicate excellently with me and not send me generic e-mails to answer my questions. Once I filled out the basic application, I received a phone call the next day. A PHONE CALL! Not an auto reply email!
  • After the application was filled out online, somebody contacted me the next day. They were very nice and easy to speak with over the phone. The constant contact via email and text was terrific. They were very reachable & someone always responded to my email right away!
  • They were very kind and friendly and very informative during the initial phase and all throughout until delivery.
  • Got info from Internet, once I spoke with agency, everyone was kind and helpful and made me feel comfortable.

How long did it take to be matched?

An Average of
100 weeks

Did the agency take time to educate you on the surrogacy processes?

Said Yes
How well do you feel the agency answered your questions?
4.8 of 5 Stars
How well do you feel the agency/your coordinator listened to your needs and concerns?
4.9 of 5 Stars
When interacting with the staff at the agency, did you find them to be pleasant?
5 of 5 Stars
When interacting with staff at the agency, did you find them to be professional?
5 of 5 Stars

Did the agency/your coordinator frequently communicate with you after matching and intermittently to establish rapport?


What support services does this agency offer?

Online Group

Monthly In-Person Support Group

Phone Groups

Agency Meet-ups or Events
How supportive do you feel the agency/your coordinator was before you matched?
4.8 of 5 Stars
How supportive do you feel the agency/your coordinator was during contracts?
4.9 of 5 Stars
How supportive do you feel the agency/your coordinator was throughout your pregnancy?
4.9 of 5 Stars
How supportive do you feel the agency/your coordinator was after delivery?
4.9 of 5 Stars

Were any and all bills paid in a timely manner?


Surrogates tell us what they like about this agency:

  • I liked every single thing about Abundant Beginnings. They are caring, supportive, and very professional without missing the human connection. I have recommended Abundant Beginnings time and time again and will continue to do so. I can not wait to begin another journey with the amazing Women of this company!
  • I love how they are available 24/7. I had some bleeding that freaked me out and my coordinator answered her phone in the middle of the night. I love how they check in regularly and are genuinely caring towards my feelings!
  • They were always available when I needed them and never hesitated to answer my questions regardless of how minor it may have seemed. Very warn and loving staff.
  • I felt supported the entire journey, I could call or text my coordinator at anytime day or night and she always responded in a very timely manner! I felt like I was her only Surrogate, even though I know I was not!

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