Step by Step Guide to Shipping Breast Milk That Arrives Frozen

Pumping and Shipping Breast Milk to your Surrogate Baby(ies)

Surrogates are not required to breast feed or pump for their surrogate baby, though many do decide to pump once the baby or babies are born.  It’s an additional way a surrogate can help out her Intended Parents and the baby.  Pumping is a decision that is made between the surrogate and Intended Parents and usually put in the contract at the beginning stages of the match.  Many surrogates who do offer to pump will usually receive additional compensation. This is for the time involved for the surrogate (as pumping is very time consuming), not to be used for any pumping supplies or shipping. The IP’s should cover all costs related to pump rental, shipping materials and the actual shipping fees as well.  Below is a step by step guide to freezing, packing and shipping breast milk without using dry ice. (Not recommended for international shipping).


You will need the following supplies for EACH shipment: Large cardboard box, 30 quart Styrofoam cooler, packing tape, packing material (or newspaper), 2 packages of “blue ice” (Igloo MaxCold artificial ice). The coolers and “blue ice” can be found at Walmart or Target in the camping section. The boxes and tape can be found in the packing and shipping dept.


    Once milk is pumped and put into milk storage bags, place in a deep freeze for at least 24 hours. This will ensure that the milk stays frozen in transit. If you don’t have a deep freeze, place the bags near the back of your freezer, where it is the coldest.  On shipping day, place all of the individual bags of frozen milk into gallon Ziplock bags; this is in case one would leak, it doesn’t ruin your whole shipment.
    Start by getting your cardboard box taped and ready to go.


    Open the Styrofoam cooler and place a sheet of the blue ice in the bottom


    Next you will need to crumple up some newspaper and make a layer that covers the ice cubes. (You do NOT want the ice touching the bags of milk)



    On top of the layer of newspapers, you will put the bags of frozen breast milk.



    Once you have all of the milk in the cooler, place another layer of crumpled up newspaper on top of that.



    Finally top off your cooler with another layer of blue ice cubes.



    Put the lid on the cooler and tape around all of the seams, making a nice, tight seal.



    Place your cooler inside the cardboard box and fill any empty spaces surrounding the cooler with newspaper.



      Finally, seal up the box, and you are ready to ship!You will need to ship via FedEx OVERNIGHT.