M & S Intended Parent Spotlight

Intended Parent Spotlight: M & S

Hello! We are Intended Fathers “M & S” from Israel.

We have been together for 2 years and married for 1 year. We met at a party, started talking that night and have been together ever since. We are ready to begin our path to fatherhood and have chosen a clinic and agency in Oregon. Now, we are hoping to find our amazing Gestational Carrier!

Intended Parent Spotlight: M & S

We are both eager and excited to be dads. We have decided that surrogacy is the right path for us to become fathers to our children. We plan to tell our children everything about how they were born, as we are proud of our choice to participate in surrogacy. Even though there isn’t a “Mom” figure in this story of ours, we want our kids to know there was someone very special called a “gestational carrier” and she helped us all along the way.

Intended Parent Spotlight: M & S

We were both born and raised in Israel, and we are very close to both of our families. We are lucky to live nearby all of them, and we see them often to celebrate holidays and birthdays. Our family members are all very supportive and excited for our surrogacy journey!

Intended Parent Spotlight: M & S

“M” is 35 and works as an Account Operations Manager for a technology company. He has a Bachelor degree in Civil Law and a Masters in Criminal Law. “S” is 42 and is a Department Manager for a pharmacy. We both have flexible schedules that will allow us to be hands-on parents. We live just outside of Tel Aviv, Israel and own an apartment here that we love. It is comfortable and warm – the only thing missing is children.

Intended Parent Spotlight: M & S


“S” is the love of my life. I love that he’s sensitive and kind. I know that he will be a great dad, that’s why I feel so comfortable beginning this journey with him. He’s the only guy who makes me laugh and I think he will be a very fun dad. “S” knows what to say at the right time and I think this is the best thing about him. I just love him.

Intended Parent Spotlight: M & S


“M” is funny and fun to be with, a warm guy which is easy to like. He’s very verbal so there isn’t a lot of quiet times. ☺ We balance each other and I think that’s what makes our relationship work. The thing I find don’t like about “M” is that he cooks and bakes so good it’s really hard to keep a diet.

Our ideal Gestational Carrier is someone pleasant and friendly and who is willing to carry twins. Someone who has children and understands the desire we have to be of parents. Someone who’s responsible and leads a healthy life. Someone who will be open and willing to share things with us during the pregnancy like pictures, and will help us with things we cannot do from far away like talking to the babies or playing classical music for them.

To our future GC: we would like to say THANK YOU for considering us. You’re going to help two men to achieve a dream they cannot do on their own. We want to bless you for the gift you are giving us and hope that we’ll have a great journey together.

Intended Parent Spotlight: M & S

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